Today, we often need custom-made clothing and other items. Typically, companies and organizations create labeled items such as T-shirts for employees, cups, and other products. People can even create their merchandise to share it with other people. But how do people get personalized clothing? By using printing company’s services.

If you have ideas in mind regarding custom items, you can search “dtg printing services near me” on Google, or you could trust one of the best printing companies, 38Printers, to do the job. We use quality techniques when printing our products. One of such techniques is direct-to-garment printing.

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

The easiest way to explain direct to garment printing services, or DGT, is to compare it with printing on paper. It works similarly, but instead of paper, an employee uses a specific type of textile that absorbs water-based paint.

It’s a process of printing digital images from a computer onto a clothing item. The custom dtg printing process requires the usage of an inkjet printer. This type of printing technique has quite a few advantages for customers who want to order custom-made clothing items. At 38Printers, you can order a T-shirt with the chosen digital image.

Direct to Garment Printing Advantages

One of the main advantages is the dtg printing prices. Customers get their high-quality clothing items while not overpaying. However, there are other significant benefits for customers who want personalized designs:

  • no minimum order requirements;
  • printed designs on light and dark fabrics;
  • print of logos, texts, and detailed pictures and photos;
  • eco-friendliness.

Thanks to this technique, you can get a detailed print of most pictures and photos. It’s one of the most common garment design techniques among customers who simply want one or several clothing items as a present. 

38Printers has no minimum order requirements on direct-to-garment print, so you can create a custom design and get your order within one to three business days.  

What does 38Printers Offer?

On the 38Printers website, clients can order personalized clothing items. Clients can choose or create a design by using our convenient program. Click on the “Start Design” button to choose:

  • the items’ color, size (X-2XL), and order fulfillment speed;
  • upload a photo, or type the text that will be printed on top of the item;
  • complete the order.

The program allows clients to create personalized designs, but only for black and white fabrics. If you want a colored clothing item, notify us by sending an email.

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