Custom screen printing

Custom screen printing

It’s common today to create clothing items with custom designs. We often see couples wearing paired T-shirts or hoodies. Some people organize bachelor and bachelorette parties where all the participants wear clothing items with fun designs and texts. People even create custom designs as presents. But where do they get these clothing items?

The answer is simple, and they use the services of a custom printing company. Many companies create clothing items with custom designs. Clients can google the request “custom screen printing near me” to find the closest company and make an order. 

38Printers is one such company. At 38Printers, we use some of the best techniques for garment decorations, for instance, screen printing.

What is Screen Printing?

Before ordering a custom-made clothing item, customers are asked to choose a type of garment decoration technique. One of such techniques is screen printing. It’s one of the most common garment decoration practices that has been used for years.

Screen printing services require creating a stencil design out of fine mesh or polyester fabric. Then this stencil is placed on top of a clothing item, and several ink layers are pushed through the custom stencil layout onto the material’s surface. 

The person responsible for transferring the custom layout on the material’s surface also covers the areas of material that don’t need to be colored with an impermeable substance to prevent ink contamination. An employee applies every color by using a different screen stencil to achieve a final custom-made clothing item.   

As a result, a customer gets a beautiful clothing item. One of the reasons why people choose this technique is screen printing prices. However, the technique has several other benefits.

Advantages of Screen Printing

Advantages of Screen Printing

Typically, the best screen printing companies offer several colors (with some limitations). However, most companies, like 38Printers, set a minimum on the number of items within the order. Items made by using this technique have a few advantages for clients:

  • reasonable costs;
  • high quality of the result;
  • accurate transfers of photographic images;
  • offers a better range of customization options for clients;
  • custom-made designs sit better on the surface of the material, making the clothing item neater;
  • offer durable results.

Compared to digital printing, screen printing has higher costs. However, clients receive custom-printed items of higher quality. Moreover, screen print offers more freedom when it comes to choosing the material:

  • textile;
  • glass;
  • wood;
  • signs.

Customers can order clothing items, stickers, bags, and other custom-made products they love. At 38Printers, we offer quality results and timely delivery of orders. So, do not hesitate to create your custom design using our services!

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