Expressing oneself has never been as easy as today, especially when using the services of a custom printing company! Anyone can create an awesome design and order a custom-made T-shirt, a hoodie, etc. There are dozens of various printing techniques, and each has advantages. But the bottom line is that we can quickly receive a clothing item we have designed that will be of excellent quality.

However, the emphasis here is on the adverb “quickly.” How quickly can we get our ordered T-shirts or sweatshirts? That depends on the order fulfillment speed. Printing companies often offer such an option as rush order t shirt printing. It means that clients can expect their clothing items within one business day. At 38Printers, you can get your order shipped in under 24 hours!

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What is Rush Printing?

Rush order custom t shirts, or same-day printing, is a service that offers to create a personalized clothing item in under one business day. This service isn’t free, but it allows clients to get their orders quickly.

Suppose you ordered a birthday gift for a friend, but the delivery is delayed for various reasons. You still need a gift by tomorrow so that you can order a custom rush tee shirt printing. You can pick any design that suits the birthday person and avoid the awkward feeling of attending a party without a birthday gift. When you receive an initial gift, you can gift it to your friend.

Custom rush printing is godsent for unexpected events. 

How does it Work?

Clients can choose the clothing item, font type, color, size, etc. However, instead of choosing a 1-2 business day printing, click on “same day printing.” 38Printers also has a few offices in New York City and several other cities, so you can drive and pick up your order to get it even faster.

The idea of rush printing is simple, and your order is placed on top of the queue. So, no matter how many orders the company has, you will get your clothing items on time. If you don’t need the order as soon as possible, you can opt for next-day printing.

What do We Offer?

We offer three options:

  • 1-2 business day printing — no additional fees;
  • next day printing — additional price of $2;
  • same day printing — additional fee of $8.

Customers receive their personalized designs regarding the number of pieces in order. The speed of completing an order does not affect the quality of results. Our customers always receive excellent quality personalized rush order custom tees.

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